Coed Workers Having Sex | Runtime: 8:34
           These co-workers were caught on camera fucking while the boss was out of the office, as you can see he bent her over the desk and gave her the fucking of a life time. And, as always our cameras were right there to catch the sauded action as it went on behind their boss's back. I wonder what he would've done had he found out the he was playing these two employees to fuck the shit out of each other right there in the office on his desk.
Car Pickup Fucking | Runtime: 8:51
           This is not the kind of security cam sex you see every day - this chick had gone to pick up her car after it was in for some repairs, but the owner had left and left this guy in charge. I suppose she found him attractive because apparently one thing lead to another because before you know it the mechanic is taking a break from what he was working on to give this girl the complete service he should've been giving her car.
Fucked On Her Desk | Runtime: 5:13  
         Have you ever worked with somebody who is seemingly incompetent at their job yet somehow manages to get promoted before you? Did you wonder why that was? The answer: They're fucking their boss. That's right, while you were there slaving over a broken fax machine or photo copier they were off fucking your boss. This girl is one classic example, just look at how she fucks her boss, right there on her desk.  
Sex In The Office | Runtime: 8:30  
      This clip is about a young lady being interview for a job at a law firm.  She desperately needs a job and is willing to do anything for it.  She comes around and starts to suck him off.  Let him fuck her in multiple positions, and he end up cumming all over her stomach... yeah i'm pretty sure she's got the job.
Cumming In A Coffin | Runtime: 6:20
        These two perverts were caught on security cameras after breaking in to a funeral parlor to have sex in one of the coffins. They fucked, licked and sucked each other to wicked orgasm thinking nobody would find out about their deviant sexual behavior. But, unfortunately for them, we caught it all on tape!